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Houseplant Care for Beginners
Houseplant Care for Beginners

Plant Care for Beginners

Learn how to care for any plant with our straight-to-the-point guides!

Plant Vacation Care- Guide for Gardening Beginners

You’re about to pack the last whatnots in your bag, and then, a moment of reality strikes you- who’s gonna...
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Plant Lighting- Guide for Gardening Beginners

Just like with watering, fertilization and other components of care, each plant has its specific demands for light. Some of...
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Plant Propagation- Guide for Gardening Beginners

Plant propagation and cutting is an important part of overall care, and it differs significantly from one species to another....
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Plant Watering- Guide for Gardening Beginners

When it comes to watering requirements, every plant has its specific needs and demands. For that reason, you have to...
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Plant Humidity- Guide for Gardening Beginners

Lucky for us, passionate gardeners, the vast majority of indoor plants are perfectly happy in average humidity within a home....
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Plant Temperature- Guide for Gardening Beginners

The majority of plants that we usually keep indoors reside in tropical or sub-tropical areas. As you know, the conditions...
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Cleaning Houseplants – Guide for Gardening Beginners

As time goes by, the passion for growing plants grows as well (pun intended!). Consequently, the duties and responsibilities become...
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Check out the most searched types - from Fast growing indoor plants, to plants that can grow without sunlight, to those that can even grow without soil!

25 Enchanting Philodendron Types to Spice up Your Home

Philodendron, the genus of "tree loving" plants, consists of more than 700 species that have climbing or vining habit from tropical America and the West...
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Easiest House Plants to Keep Alive- Amazing List of 25 Undemanding Plants

Let me guess. You are a windowsill-gardener wannabe who craves an intimate relationship with something that photosynthesizes, but you just have no clue where to...
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Introducing 25+ Adorable Indoor Vine Plants

Graceful climbing indoor vine plants transform indoor corners into an oasis of greenery with their exotic-looking shoots. They grow vertically, thus saving on space and...
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Ultimate Compilation of 30+ Small Purple Flowers

Purple flowers are one of the most interesting flowering plants. The reason is quite simple- this color is rarely found in nature. Every time you...
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Below, you’ll find a list of houseplants that I personally adore! If you are just starting, and are unsure of how “green” your thumb is, soon enough you’ll not just fall in love with them,...
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Herb Seeds

I have created my tiny selection of herbs I wish I knew about when I was just starting. Here are some of the most popular herbs that you can easily grow at home! Mint Bag...
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What to Do When Hydrangea Leaves are Turning Brown- Causes and Solutions

Hydrangeas are versatile medium-sized shrubs valued for their late summer flowers and their ability to thrive in a variety of situations. As such, they easily find their way into any indoor garden. These woody shrubs form large, oval leaves and flowers that are green in bud, but open to become …

Haworthia Cuspidata – How to Grow Star Window Plant (10+ Tips with FAQ)

Succulents come in all shapes and sizes, from tall to miniature soil-huggers, spiky or rounded foliage in an array of patterns. What they all have in common is the ability to accumulate water in their roots, stems or leaves – to enable them to sustain plant growth when they are …

Haworthia Reinwardtii – The Best Care Guide to Make Zebra Wart Thrive (2021)

Haworthia reinwardtii is a slow-growing and generally, quite a small succulent plant in the Haworthia genus cultivated mainly for its striking foliage. If they appear, the flowers are usually a surprise and their bright colors provide a vivid contrast to the fleshy leaves. There are around 150 species of Haworthia …