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If you want your plants to blossom, they will require regular watering.

There are numerous ways for watering that will save you time and make sure that your plants get what they need.

With Drip Irrigation kits, you are delivering the water directly to the roots, without any evaporation of the water that your plant might need.

Many irrigation kits are available and we listed some of the best that will meet all of your criteria.

Best Drip Irrigation Kits for 2020

After testing A LOT of drip irrigation kits, I’ve come to conclusion that these are the ones worth mentioning. So, let’s check them out!


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✓Practical and easy to install
✓Covers up to 100 feet
✓25 PSI regulator

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✓Super easy to install
✓No plumbing skills are needed
✓Automatic and direct watering
✓Preserves water

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✓Water up to 20 plants at once
✓A timer for automatic watering
✓Weather-resistant polyethylene tubes

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✓Covers up to 25 square meets
✓Suitable for hanging baskets as well as garden
✓Resistant to all conditions
✓Adjustable drip emitter

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✓70% of water preservation
✓High-quality, weather-resistant materials
✓25 feet long tube
✓30 drippers

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Orbit 69525

✓250 square feet coverage
✓1/2″ and 1/4″ tubes
✓Quick assembly
✓PSI regulator and water filter are included

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Orbit 69500

✓Practical case
✓Compatible with almost all drip irrigation systems
✓Numerous, different parts

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✓700 square feet coverage
✓Expandable to even 1000 square feet
✓25 PSI regulator
✓11 micro sprayers

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✓250 feet tubing
✓112 different parts
✓3 types of emitters

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✓25 PSI regulator
✓Suitable for watering up to 80 plants
✓1/4″ and 1/2” polyethylene tubing

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1. Mister Landscaper Vegetable Garden Drip Kit

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

With this drip kit, your vegetable will get the needed water and you will enjoy the big harvest!

The installment of the system will take less than an hour and the only tool you will need is a pair of scissors!

Just connect the kit to the outdoor water source and connect the dripping tubes! It is that simple!

Thanks to the large hose, you will be able to cover a large portion of your garden and water numerous plants simultaneously.

By turning off the valves in one section, each row of vegetables can be planted separately if needed.

In this way, you can water the seasonal vegetables and save water when they are not producing and don’t require watering.

There is also a PSI regulator – you won’t ever have to worry about high water pressure or unwanted blast of water.

The screen filter will make sure that your vegetable gets only clear water without any pieces of garbage.

Thanks to the high-quality materials, the durability of the kit is guaranteed and the forming of clogs is prevented!

Your plants will get exactly what they need and you can expect a big harvest at the end!


  • DVD for step-by-step installment
  • Covers an entire garden
  • Delivering the water to the roots without any waste
  • No clogs


  • You might need to change valves after some time

Bottom Line

This practical drip kit is the perfect choice for anyone with a big garden!

You will be able to cover a large area and even adjust the watering in each row which is ideal for any seasonal vegetable.

2. Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation Gardener’s Drip Kit

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

This drip irrigation kit has so many advantages!

Because of the smart construction of the kit, any water loss will be prevented and your plants will get the water they require for healthy grow!

It covers up to 75 feet and you won’t have to do any digging to install it.

All of the 50 pieces can be easily connected, with minimum use of any tools and no special skills are required!

Once the pieces are attached, you will need a water source and prepare to watch your garden blossom!

Thanks to the many smaller pieces, you will water the plants directly and not the earth surrounding the plant.

Any of the unneeded holes can be easily sealed and thus will significantly reduce the water loss.

With a Rain-Bird device, you can enjoy automatic watering, pressure regulator, prevention of clogs and evenly water the entire garden for equal growth!

Also, it can even water individual plants when needed!

The tubes are resistant to UV, different chemicals or algae, allowing you to use it repeatedly for many seasons.

This kit is built to work effectively and you will be amazed by the results!


  • Easy to install
  • Durable tubing system
  • Easily covers even the largest gardens
  • Prevents the growth of weeds by watering the plant only


  • The pressure regulator might leak

Bottom Line

This drip irrigation kit will do the job perfectly!

With automatic and direct watering, PSI regulator and large tubing system, all of the gardening tasks can be done without any hassle.

3. Raindrip Watering Kit for Container and Hanging Baskets

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

Propagating Planter

Propagation Kits

Hydroponic kits

Intelligent Garden Kits

Propagating Planter

Handmade Planters

Even if you have to water only the plants in the pots, doing it by hand is still quite time-consuming.

Thanks to this Raindrip watering kit, all of the potted plants will get the attention they deserve!

The assembling of the system can be done without any tools and it will take minimum time and effort!

All of the parts are practical, user-friendly and simple to attach.

The tubes and smaller pieces are made of polyethylene which makes them resistant to all weather conditions and UV rays.

By placing all of the tubes next to the plants, the roots will get the needed water and forming of weeds will be inhibited!

It allows precise watering, with a minimum amount of water waste and evaporation.

With the timer, you will be able to automatically water the plants at the same time each day.

When you put it to the test, you will be astonished by the vibrant colors of the flowers and their healthy look!


  • Automatic watering with timer
  • Easy assembly
  • Ideal for watering potted flowers
  • Durable, polyethylene tubes


  • If not screwed tight enough, some parts may leak

Bottom Line

Thanks to this drip irrigation kits, plants in hanging baskets will develop vibrant and healthy leaves and flowers.

This kit is easily delivering water straight to the roots – perfect for the flowers.

Also, with built-in times, it is quite pleasing to use.

4. KORAM IR-D 50 Feet Irrigation Drip Kit

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

If you own a large garden, the different plants in the garden will most likely require different amounts of water.

This amazing drip irrigation kit is adjusting to each plant without any by hand watering!

All of the parts are made from premium quality materials that will resist any weather conditions.

Even burying won’t cause any damage and you will be able to use them for multiple seasons.

In times of droughts, small and precise dripping will keep your plants alive and make sure their growth and development isn’t affected.

All of the water is delivering to the roots, preventing any water loss.

The assembly is super easy and you won’t need any tools or special skills.

One of the best features of this system is an adaptable water flow.

Each nozzle will adjust to the needs of the plant allowing the proper growth.

The kit is perfect for covering larger gardens, patio or any agriculture purpose.

With personalized settings, your herbs will easily develop large and healthy-looking leaves.

Pot Holder

Container Holders

Intelligent Garden Kit

Self-Watering Systems


Hanging Planters


  • Made of UV resistant materials
  • Precise watering without wasting
  • Adjustable watering


  • Using too many heads with lower the water pressure and water won’t reach the end of the tube

Bottom Line

Whether you are watering the potted plants or an entire garden, this drip system will do the required work!

Easy installation, high-quality materials and individual water flow for different plants are some of the advantages.

5. AGSIVO Drip Irrigation Kit

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

With thirty nozzles, you can easily water the entire garden!

This AGSIVO drip irrigation kit system will amaze you!

Thanks to the universal faucet accessories, you shouldn’t have problems with connecting the system to any outdoor water source.

The hose is about twenty-five meters longs, allowing you to cover the full area and complete the task efficiently.

All of the parts are easy to assemble, spread around the garden and it can be done even without tools.

If the hose is too long, any scissors can easily cut it and extra holes can be created as well.

It will adjust to your needs and make sure you are pleased with the outcome!

The tube, as well as the smaller items,  are made from durable materials that can handle all outside conditions and won’t be damaged by UV lights.

With the strong Teflon tape, everything will be tightly fixed and stay in place.

Drippers can work on different water pressures – they are designed to adjust to each plant and flower with minimum waste of water.

Because of the adjustable drippers, the simultaneous watering of all plants is possible and each plant will receive exactly what is needed.

You can install the system in your garden or use it for promoting healthier growth of the potted flowers.

No matter what your needs are, it will adjust to all of them!


  • Easy to assemble and connect to a water source
  • Suitable for all types of plants
  • Strong and long-lasting parts


  • Too many connections might stop water flow at one point

Bottom Line

If your plants require different conditions for growth, this irrigation system will adapt to all.

With high water conservation and precise water flow, your garden will blossom!

6. Orbit 69525 Complete Drip Irrigation Kit

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

Using the sprinklers might cause damage to flowers and leaves and overwatering is also one of the problems.

With this Orbit drip irrigation watering kit, all of those problems are easily avoided!

Your herbs and flowers will get the water, without overwatering or creating any type of damage.

The water is brought directly to the roots, making sure that the plant can absorb the water as well as the needed nutrients.

Also, there are amazing micro-bubbler heads.

They are small enough so you can place them near the plant and they are controlling the delivery of water.

Thanks to the efficient system, the garden will blossom and the growth of the weed is prevented.

1/2″ or 1/4″ tubes can be spread however you need – each row of the garden can be covered.

We are all familiar with the conditions different herbs demand.

Adjustable drippers and the flexible hose will make sure that your plants are developing in the best conditions!

With the quick and tool-free assembly, you will be able to use the kit immediately.

The faucet adapter comes with a PSI regulator and water filter which is significantly improving the growth of the plants.


  • Adjustable drippers
  • Overwatering is prevented with micro-bubbler heads
  • Flexible tubes for even easier installment


  • If they are not sealed tight, heads might leak

Bottom Line

With the powerful micro-bubbler heads, the system will adjust to each plant!

The water is delivered straight to the needed area, the hose is easy to spread between different plants and the results are astonishing.

7. Orbit 92-Piece Drip Irrigation Kit

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

If you have already invested into a good drip irrigation kit and have used it for some time, certain parts might need replacement.

This Orbit drip irrigation assortment kit has everything you need and it is all neatly stored.

Sprinklers, drippers, heads, fittings and other accessories can easily wear out over time.

Sometimes, they can even get clogged and need replacement.

Also, no matter how much tightly you screwed them, different weather conditions can cause them to loosen up.

All the parts in this assortment kit are compatible with most drip irrigation systems.

They are universal and the case can be refilled whenever you run out of accessories.

The fittings included are the most popular ones – 1/4″.

These drippers will prevent the loss of water and make sure that water is transported directly to the roots

You should have any trouble with changing certain parts and reassembling the system – just follow the manual.


  • Popular 1/4” fitting
  • Practical and convenient storage
  • Universal accessories


  • At the connection spot, some leaking may occur

Bottom Line

Once the part of your drip irrigation system breaks, you will be able to easily replace it!

Thanks to the numerous accessories, any problem can be easily fixed and any part restored.

8. DIG Drip & Micro Sprinkler Kit

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

Spreading any irrigation system through the flowerbed may be challenging.

Also, delicate petals can easily get damaged by certain irrigation systems.

This kit will allow your flowers to blossom without creating any damages and ruining flowers in your garden.

Thanks to the large tube, you will easily cover an entire garden and be able to reach each flower.

If the length of the tube isn’t enough, you can additionally expand it and cover an even larger area.

It is made of high-quality materials and the kit will last you for an entire season.

The entire installation can be done fast and without any hassle – it doesn’t require any special skills and all of the needed parts are included in the kit.

The tubes can be connected to any hose or outdoor water source.

There is a PSI regulator as well that will prevent blowouts – the system will use the pressure of 25 PSI constantly.

One of the best features of this system is micro sprayers.

Thanks to the micro sprayers, water is delivered at the top parts of the soil and not evaporating from leaves.

The growing roots will get the much-needed water and your flowers will grow healthy, large and colorful petals.


  • Easy to install
  • Micro sprayers for precise watering
  • Large coverage and expandable size


  • None so far

Bottom Line

All of those delicate flowers in your garden deserve proper care.

With amazing micro sprayers and regulated water pressure, the entire garden will blossom!

9. Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ Drip Irrigation Kit

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

If you want to expand your irrigation system, this expansion kit is exactly what you need!

Because of the large tube, you will easily cover any large area and deliver the water to your growing garden.

Any maintenance task will be completed in just a few minutes and the system will again work flawlessly!

Drippers can get clogged up after some time.

Fortunately for you, this kit consists of many different drippers, emitters, couplings, plugs and other accessories you might need.

Whenever you need to replace any old part, just remove it and choose the right replacement from the kit.

You can even expand holes or create new ones and upgrade your existing irrigation system.

With the different emitters, you will be able to upgrade the water flow and pressure as well!

It even has a separate faucet adapter!

Everything you might need will be nicely stored in one container and within reach.

Problems with leaking, clogged drippers and low water pressure can all be solved with this repair and expansion kit.


  • Easy to operate
  • Includes different emitters, drippers and other useful accessories
  • Suitable for any repair job


  • It doesn’t include t-connectors

Bottom Line

Any damage can be easily repaired with this Rain Bird repairing and expansion kit.

The parts are universal, easy to install and durable!

10. Drip Irrigation Kit for 80 Plants

Manufacturer’s specs, features and details

This drip irrigation kit is designed for effortless watering of numerous potted plants.

All of your hanging baskets, flowers in pots and patio will blossom.

It is super easy to spread and you won’t be spending valuable time watering all of the flowers by hand.

With detailed instructions, you won’t have any trouble with installing the kit.

It is adaptable to many garden hose, faucet or other outdoor water sources.

Also, many different parts allow personalized and adjustable watering to each plant.

They are made from a high-quality product that will easily resist any weather conditions.

Polyethylene tubes are UV resistant and you can reuse this system for multiple seasons.

With the 25 PSI regulator, the water flow will be constant which will ultimately reduce the waste of water.

Water-saving is significantly increased with amazing, 360 degrees drippers that are transporting the water straight to the roots.

You won’t ever have to worry about the growth of the weeds, leaves damaged by high water flow or water wasted on evaporation.

All of the hanging baskets will look healthier than ever!


  • Adaptable, 360 degrees drippers r
  • Included PSI regulato
  • Durable polyethylene tubing


  • The set-up might take a while because of the numerous parts

Bottom Line

Say goodbye to time-consuming watering by hand.

With this irrigation system, the flowers are getting the needed water with minimum evaporation and at a regulated water pressure.

What to Look for in a Good Drip Irrigation Kit

1. Length of the tubing

For the system to work efficiently, it should be able to reach even the furthest plants. Before purchasing any drip irrigation kit, measure your garden.

Another thing to think about is the number of rows. Most kits have one main branch and a few smaller and the measurement should fit your garden.

Also, take into consideration the distance between the water source (outdoor faucet or hose) and garden.

2. Needed tools and Teflon tape

These types of kits usually come with a lot of different parts and accessories.

Most of them are quite easy to install but might require additional tools beyond the ones already included.

The best kits are the ones that come with everything – additional tools, all of the parts and faucet adapter.

Also, you should always go for the kit that uses powerful Teflon tape.

It is great for preventing any leaking.

3. Faucet connector

The system is quite useless if you aren’t able to connect it to the faucet or hose bib.

Faucet connectors come in handy in those situations.

For attaching the tubing to the water source, you will need a faucet connector.

They are usually universal and come as threaded and not-threaded.

4. Water pressure regulator

Many kits come with their faucet connector or faucet adapter, but the pressure regulator isn’t always included.

The water pressure is quite important and always look for a kit that has this part. 25 PSI regulator is the most common type.

Also, these regulators can be bought separately as well.

5. Additional accessories

Any drip irrigation kit comes with a bunch of different, small accessories.

These accessories, no matter how small, can have a large impact on how the system works.

One type of accessories is fittings. It is best to have an elbow and a tee type of fittings included.

Different fasteners will make sure that the tubing stays in place. They are recommended for anyone that has installed the system above the plants.

Emitters are used for watering the plant. Each plant has individual needs and the emitters should easily adapt to different types of plants.

Plugs are suitable for covering smaller holes that are unused or for fixing damages.

6. Timer

With the timer, you can additionally automatize the process. It is connected to the faucet and makes sure the plants are watered at the same time each day.

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