Best Strip Grow Lights For [year] - Products and Buying Guide

LED Grow Light Strips For 2021 – 8 Best Products and Guide

Mimicking optimal natural conditions for indoor plants can be very challenging, right?

Not only when it comes to water and humidity level, but also when creating enough light for photosynthesis.

It can seem complicated to regulate the brightness and to select a good distance between your plants and grow lights.

I personally find it even more difficult if the place or the room that I’m growing my plants in is limited or at an unusual angle.

Regular, larger grow lights can create many difficulties in those cases. Trust me, I’ve been there! That’s when the LED grow light strips arrive to the rescue. They are much simpler to adjust as well as install, and I simply adore them for their flexibility as well as convenience.

While strip grow lights are more effortless to set up and use, it’s important to buy good-quality ones if you want the identical results as with the regular grow lights.

Best LED Grow Light Strips for 2021

I’ve decided to share with you my favorite grow light strip and save you the trouble of trying to figure out which ones are the most beneficial and of having a lot of dead plants along the process. Let’s dive in!

1. Sondiko LED Grow Light Strip

Sondiko LED Grow Light Strip

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Do you travel a lot, and you need a reliable set of LED grow light strips that will automatically switch on and off even when you aren’t home? This Sondiko model is a perfect choice.

Thanks to the handy timer, you can decide if you want your lights to switch off after 2, 4, or 8 hours. And if you happen to be away for a couple of days, the timer will automatically turn the lights on after around 20 hours.

This LED grow light strip produces the full-color spectrum that your plants need so that they can be covered during the entire growth. The light strip has 40 high-quality LED bulbs that will distribute the sun-like spectrum to each plant equally.

With 4 dimming levels, you can modify the brightness of the strip light according to your plants’ requirements. This Sondiko grow light strip model offers super quick installation.

You can determine whether to install it using the adhesive pads or two really strong magnets that will keep the light in its place – both options are included. You can either plug it into a wall plug or into a PC, laptop, power bank, etc. thanks to the USB feature of the grow light.


  • Practical timer that makes sure your plants get the optimal exposure to light even when you’re away
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Fast to install with the included adhesives or magnets
  • Suitable for a variety of plants


  • These lights are soothed for smaller pots so you may need a couple of them to cover larger areas

Bottom line

If your plants benefit from a small, grow light strip with the full-color spectrum, you’ll love this Sondiko light. What’s even better is that you’ll appreciate the help of the timer to help you keep your plants alive and healthy even if you’re not at home for a few days.

2. Cholas 36W 132 Leds

Cholas 36W 132 Leds

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This set of three LED grow light strips is a fantastic option for all of you who are looking for an efficient yet wallet-friendly way to nourish different kinds of indoor plants.

What makes these grow lights so special and useful is the perfect PAR value and a full-color spectrum that’s crucial for your plant’s growth through all stages (from germination to blooming).

You can decide whether you want to turn on only blue bulbs, only red ones, or both at the same time, which is great because you can change it and customize the spectral modes for every plant separately.

Another fantastic feature is the possibility to select one of five dimmable levels. Change the brightness according to your plant’s demands and its stage of growth.

Thanks to the practical timer, you won’t have to be stressed about your plants not receiving enough light when you’re absent. The timer will automatically switch the light on and off according to the hours you pre-select.

When it comes to LED grow light strips installation, with this model, you can pick between two easy ways to do it. You can either use the double-sided tape or put the lights in place with the bolts that are provided.


  • The freedom to choose whether to switch on blue or red lights or even both at the same time
  • The helpful timer that switched the lights on and off automatically
  • Adaptable level of brightness
  • Simple to install and use


  • The connecting cords are a bit bulky

Bottom line

With these Cholas LED grow light strips, you get phenomenal value for your money. For a wallet-friendly price, your plants will get the spectrum and level of brightness they need in order to grow green and strong.

If you also keep in mind the super simple installation, this grow light strip is a must-buy when in need of efficient and simple grow light.

3. MIXC 6 Pack LED Strips

MIXC 6 Pack LED Strips

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If you want a bit longer grow light, this MIXC’s model is the one to purchase. The set includes four fantastic LED grow light strips that produce both blue and red lights for your plants, which is essential for optimal germination.

Thanks to the convenient daisy chain cords, you’ll be able to attach up to 6 strips and plug them into only one power socket. You won’t have to worry about the space between the strips since the extension cables are 5ft long. This prevents the bulky look, and it’s very practical.

The automatic timer enables you to pre-set the lights to automatically switch on and off so that you have peace of mind whenever you’re away from home.

All plants require both light exposure as well as some dark time – that’s why this timer comes in handy. It will allow you to control the light exposure according to your plants’ needs.

You can also control the level of brightness with convenient dimmable modes. Select one level and choose the percentage of light intensity (from 20% to 100%).

These LED grow lights can be effortlessly installed on various surfaces. Supplied magnetic nuts allow you to install the lights onto the iron surface. If you wish to place them on a window or any other item made of glass, use iron sheets that are included.

Another two options are the double-sided tape, and cable ties for more flexibility when it comes to installation (both supplied).


  • Daisy chain cord lets you plug more strip lights in one socket
  • Five brightness levels for the adaptable intensity
  • Blue and red LED combo


  • The timer needs to be set every day if you want it to switch on and off automatically

Bottom line

These four LED grow light strips are a fantastic option for everyone who wants a convenient yet efficient way of nourishing succulents and other indoor plants. The ideal combo of blue and red LED bulbs will benefit your plants so that they grow better and keep them healthy for a long time.

4. LED Grow Light Strips for Plants 2FT [6-Pack]

LED Grow Light Strips for Plants 2FT [6-Pack]

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These LED grow light strips can be very intense if needed, and they have a high PAR output that’s essential for your plants, especially during the vegetative stage. The set contains six strips that can be effortlessly connected with one another.

You can pick between two options to connect them: with the 20 inches long connection cord (daisy chains), or with small connectors that are unnoticeable once you install them. Both cords and connectors are supplied.

This kind of installation allows you to use only one power socket for up to 6 LED grow lights, which is helpful and space-saving.

Although these LED grow lights are intense, they are energy-saving. Thanks to the quality material, the strip lights won’t get too hot when they’re on. This is very important because the warmth caused by grow lights can be damaging to the plants.

Monios-L model will produce enough light for all your plants, without damaging them. Every strip has its own on and off switch, and you can control every strip independently.

As with the previously described models, this one also offers a few possibilities when it comes to the placing of the lights. You can either install this grow light with the supplied screws, with double-sided pads or with zip ties, whichever way works best for you and your space.


  • The material of the lights is high-quality aluminum that prevents the overheating
  • You can decide between three different ways of installation
  • Provides high PAR value that’s beneficial for your plants
  • Lightweight and simple to set up


  • Timer is not included

Bottom line

These LED grow lights provide everything that your plants need for successful, healthy growth. Having in mind the flexibility when it comes to the installation process and the fact that you can turn each grow light on and off separately, these lights are even more convenient.

5. LED Grow Light with Timer (4 Pack)

LED Grow Light with Timer (4 Pack)

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Boost the health of your plants with these handy LED grow light strips and improve your indoor and outdoor plants’ growth thanks to the high PAR value. This set of four grow lights has both blue and red bulbs that are perfectly combined and provide the right spectrum of color.

You can efficiently connect there strip lights with the daisy chain cords. This is space-saving because you’ll only need one wallplug for four strip lights.

LED lights are quite bright, which will promote photosynthesis and support your plants to create and consume energy in every growth stage. Regulate the brightness according to your plants’ needs – choose one of four brightness levels and let your plants flourish.

LIGHTIMETUNNEL grow lights feature a very helpful timer that enables you to set the lights for 3/6/12 hours. The timer will automatically switch the strip light on and off each day. It’s not necessary to set it every time you leave the house.

The installation is so easy and practical. All you have to do is cut a piece of double-sided tape and place it on the backside of the grow light. Then you can remove the paper and lay the grow light on the desired surface.

Another way of installation is to use the supplied zip ties and secure the lights on the desired location.


  • The timer switches the lights on and off every day
  • You can adjust the light intensity according to your plants’ needs
  • It’s possible to attach up to four strip grow lights with daisy chain cords
  • The aluminum body of the lights doesn’t heat up


  • None so far

Bottom line

When in need of functional and easy to use LED grow lights that produce an excellent color combination that helps your plants flourish, this grow light is one of the most reliable solutions.

6. OxyLED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

OxyLED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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This full spectrum grow light is ideal for all indoor plants, and it will significantly improve their growth. Thanks to the perfect ratio of blue and red LED lights, your plants will enjoy the sun-like spectrum during every stage.

The lights are very bright, and you can even customize the brightness thanks to five dimmable levels that you can control according to the plants’ needs. You can also select between three light modes and turn on both LED grow lights or only the left/right one.

The adjustable gooseneck that attaches the lights is very flexible and can turn 360 degrees. This is very practical when you want to use the lights on multiple plants – make the arrangement that works best for your space and provide each plant with the necessary brightness.

Clip Clamp of these lights is flexible, sturdy, and secure. Don’t worry about the blue light dropping down on your plants – that won’t happen. OxyLED grow light strips are 100% reliable and efficient.

Another useful feature of this full spectrum grow light is the timer that gives you peace of mind when you’re away. Whether you select 3, 6, or 12 hours, the timer will remember the setting and switch the lights on and off every day at the same time.


  • Flexible gooseneck is effortlessly adjustable
  • The lights have the ideal red and blue light ratio for the best plant growth
  • Portable and simple to set up


  • Only for small plants

Bottom line

Having a set of compact and easily adaptable grow lights is very convenient and helpful. Keep your plants healthy with the best blue-red light ratio, and don’t worry about them even when you’re away from home.

7. SLR 5pc LED Grow Light 20 Inch Strips Kit for Indoor Plants

SLR 5pc LED Grow Light 20 Inch Strips Kit for Indoor Plants

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These grow lights are for everyone who’s in search of lights with flexible and expandable strip design, that can be installed everywhere in your home and provide the best PAR value for all indoor plants.

SLR Lighting’s kit includes five strips that are 20 inches long and that emit red and blue light in a perfect ratio. Sun-like light is beneficial to your plants and helps them with photosynthesis. That means that your plants will grow better in ideal conditions.

You can install these strip lights anywhere you want and adjust them to your space and plants. You can choose three ways of placement, and all parts are supplied with the kit.

The first option is to use the double-sided adhesive tape that can be put on every surface. Another way of set up is to use mounting screws if you prefer those. You can even secure them with supplied zip ties in a matter of minutes.

Whichever way you choose, the LED grow light strips will stay sturdy and in their place until you take them down.

SLR Lighting’s LED strips are waterproof, which is super important because of the unavoidable evaporation. Each strip has a power adapter.

Thanks to the size, the strip lights will be able to cover a lot of plants and provide them with the best full spectrum light on the market.


  • Expandable and flexible strips that fit everywhere
  • 300 LED bulbs emit both red light and blue light for the best ratio
  • High PAR value
  • LED lights are waterproof and resistant


  • The lights don’t have daisy cables so you need to plug them in separately, which can be bulky for small spaces

Bottom line

Flexibility, high PAR value, and ideal red-blue ratio are just a couple of reasons why the SLR Lighting’s LED plant grow lights are one of the smartest purchases for your home plants.

Artificial sunlight is important for your herbs and flowers, and the best strip lights on the market will provide it.

8. Grow Light Strip Kit 45W

Grow Light Strip Kit 45W

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Simple to connect full spectrum LED grow lights with great PAR value? It’s possible with this Litever model of strip grow lights that will boost your plants’ lush and healthy growth. What catches the eye the most with these grow lights is that you have three convenient options to install them.

The manufacturer will supply everything you need so you can choose whether you want to install the lights with the screws, with pads that are self-adhesive or with super-strong zip ties. Whichever option is easier for you, the setup will be fast and simple.

This LED strip is the most suitable choice for every step of your plant’s growth as well as various kinds of plants since it will be beneficial to all of them because they produce a sun-like full-spectrum LED light.

Connect these four strip lights linearly or in multiple parallelled rows, depending on your plants’ organization. You can do it pretty easily with the supplied extension cords.

Rest assured that all plants will get light uniformly and be provided a very high PAR value. These strong yet light LED grow lights are the ideal choice for all your indoor plant growth.


  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Flexible way of installation – parallel or linear
  • High PAR value


  • The purple color may be too bright if you don’t store the lights in a grow tent or separate room

Bottom line

Practical, compact, and effective, this set of Litever’s LED grow lights is the smartest choice if you fancy strip lights over the larger ones. Although smaller, these grow lights will give all your plants the color spectrum they need to grow their best. With high-quality, strong construction, you can expect to use them in years to come.

What to Look for in a Good Strip Grow Light

Why did I decide to talk about these eight LED grow light strips? Of course, there are many other great LED strip lights out there, but I wanted to share with you those that I’ve tried, so you know they’ve been tested.

If you prefer experimenting and trying some other brands, or if you’re unsure which of these eight models to choose, here’s an ultimate list of what to look for in a good strip grow light.

Have in mind the requirements of your plants and the space you have and choose wisely according to that.

1. Look for flexible ones

When wanting to purchase a strip grow light, you should look at those that can be easily placed to cover all your plants and provide an adequate amount of light from every angle, right?

That’s why the plant light you choose should be as flexible as possible so you can use it easily, even if you decide to change the place of your plants. Choose either those with the expandable design or LED strips that have gooseneck since those will be the easiest to adjust.

2. Installation 

As you probably noticed in previous reviews, the majority of these models provide you with all the required parts for the installation.

This is very helpful since you’ll be able to install and use the strip grow lights as soon as they arrive. What’s also interesting to notice is that the smartest option when picking your grow lights is to buy those that can be installed in more than just one way.

Why is that important? Because in that way, you’ll be able to place the lights on various surfaces and change the place of installation multiple times if necessary.

No matter on which surface you need to install the lights, you’ll do it in quickly and effortlessly if you buy LED strips that come with double-sided adhesive tape, zip ties, and mounting screws, maybe even magnets – everything you need for an effortless installation.

3. Pick the right dimming levels

This is an important aspect for both regular and strip grow lights. The most desirable model will be the one that enables you to choose the brightness intensity and adjust it to your plants’ requirements during plant growth.

Many models offer five dimming modes that will make a perfect purchase for various kinds of plants as well as stages of germination. You’ll get to use the strip lights on multiple occasions and not solely for one plant.

4. Weight 

Since full spectrum grow light strips are meant to be practical and useful, they should be light in order to be properly installed. You surely don’t want the danger of having the lights drop on your plants – choose the model that’s lightweight and be worry-free.

5. Timer is a great feature

If you’re away from home often, you’ll appreciate the practicality of having a full spectrum LED strip grow light that has the timer function included.

That will give you peace of mind when you’re not home because you’ll know that the timer will switch the grow light on and off automatically, depending on how you pre-set it.

6. Consider color spectrum 

It’s always the best decision to choose strip grow lights that produce both blue and red light for your plants’ germination. Do your research and choose the best combo of red and blue light according to your plants’ requirements.

If you have more plants that demand different blue-red light ratio, buy full spectrum plant light that enables you to turn both colors on and off individually and create the combo you need. This way, you can provide both blue and red light.