Having a beautiful indoor garden requires a lot of effort and time. However, there are some fast-growing indoor plants that you can use to make your indoor paradise grow faster and be eye-catching.

Of course, I’m talking about growing those plants that are Usain Bolt among flowers. There are numerous plants that can give one homeowner a healthy, lush, and green environment only in a few weeks.

So, here’s the list of fast-growing plants that can make your indoor garden green and ravish in a short period of time.

17 Fast Growing Indoor Plants

1. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider plant is one of the fastest growing plants in the green world and it can grow up to 3 feet. Why is it called Spider Plant? Well, it looks like a spider! But, you probably wouldn’t realize it if no one tells you that.

It’s often in a pot while its leaves are hanging down its sides, resembling spider’s legs. No matter how spooky its name can sound, this plant looks astonishing! It’s a perfect plant for those in love with minimalism and simplicity.

The plant is mostly green, while the leaves might have discrete white or yellow highlights along the edges.

They are also perfect for those who can’t provide high-light conditions. Spider plants are fans of indirect light, and if you can, always avoid exposing them directly to the sunlight.

For the best results, aim to keep them on the temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and approximately 10 degrees colder during the night.

To avoid pests, which can easily infest this plant, keep the soil well drained and change occasionally.

For more on this gorgeous plant, check our ultimate spider plant care guide!

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2. Pothos


Pothos is another plant that is well-known for its fast growth. Maybe you haven’t heard about it, but that’s probably because you know it by the different name – Devil’s Ivy. This is a vine plant that also doesn’t tolerate direct exposure to the sunlight, but it prefers a nice, shady comfort of your indoor garden’s nook.

Pothos has beautiful heart-shaped leaves in green color with discrete yellowish details. It can grow up to 6 feet in less than a few weeks.

This plant loves the company of other plants, especially philodendrons, so you can plant it together- of course, if the planter is big enough to fit both.

For much more info on this beautiful plant, check our ultimate Pothos from A to Z guide!

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3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

If you are searching for a fast growing indoor plant that doesn’t require much of your effort and is useful for your household at the same time, aloe vera might be your choice.

It belongs to the lily family and it’s a succulent with fleshy, spiky, and fast-growing leaves. It blooms during the winter in mild climates and has gorgeous yellow or white flowers.

The only thing that you’ll need to do quite often with this one is repoting.

Unlike previous 2 plants from out list, aloe vera requires almost direct sunlight. Well, not necessarily direct but it thrives when placed near a window. If you are interested to read more about this wonderful plant, here, you can find:

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4. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Jade plants might be interesting to those who just love succulents, and need to have them all. Well luckily, you can have them matured really quickly.

In no time, you will have a plant up to 5 feet tall that can have a really long lifetime. As you probably know, similar to cacti, succulents store water in their leaves and are accustomed to dry areas (climates). They do prefer a lot of sun and temperatures of up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep in mind that jade plants are susceptible to pest infestations and that mealybugs can infest them. These bugs are easily recognizable as they look like miniature cotton balls. You can use some sprays to deal with these nasty pests, or rub alcohol on a cotton swab and clean the plant with it.

For more on this gorgeous plant, check our ultimate jade plant care guide where you can learn every single step to growing it successfully indoors!

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5. Dieffenbachia


Dieffenbachia is an interesting plant with large leaves that comes from tropical areas. It has a sturdy stem and greenish leaves colored with yellow or white stripes.

It can grow really big- up to 6 feet. Besides, it grows pretty fast, so your little indoor garden will be covered with green in no time.

It’s not that difficult to take care of it. All it requires is a dry soil and moderate sunlight.

Keep in mind that dieffenbachia’s leaves can cause unpleasant sensations if chewed, so avoid planting them near kids. Just because of this reason, its other name is Dumb Cane.

Check out our From A to Z guide on Dieffenbachia! There’s literally everything you need to know about it!

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6. Velvet Plant

Velvet Plant

This colorful purple plant might be interesting to those that just want to bring fuzzy purple hue to their garden within a few weeks.

Velvet plant should be exposed to sunlight and will look best if its stem tips are punched.

However, you will need to balance between dry and soggy soil. It’s not difficult to grow it at all. If we exclude its water fussiness.

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7. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Snake Plant is another amazing piece of nature that you can grow in your home.

Not only that it looks beautiful (even though its name might be a bit scary), but it will grow super-fast and give your home an enjoyable and comfy look.

You might wonder where the name comes from.

It is called Snake plant because of its sharp leaves and greenish color with light edges that might resemble the patterns of a snake’s body.

Another name for it is Mother-in-law’s tongue.

This fast-growing plant is also pretty easy to grow, so even if you have black thumbs, you can still go with snake plant and be sure that it will be healthy and strong.

Snake plant can grow both in light rooms and in those that are not so light, so if you live in a dark apartment, this one is a perfect choice.

As this is a pretty common ornamental plant, I am sure that you will have no hard time finding it.

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8. Ficus


Ficus is a subtropical fast growth plant.

Well, a tree, so to say, as it can grow to be very tall.

However, this fast-growing indoor tree is a common ornamental plant and is often grown in apartments and houses all around the world.

If you want to let your ficus grow, just be sure to give it a warm room with sufficient light, and most importantly – space to grow in.

So, if you have a ficus tree and it is not growing that fast, first wonder if it is feeling a bit tight in its pot.

The amazing colors and shapes of Ficus leaves will be just the perfect addition to your little urban jungle.

So if you feel like you want to speed up the growth and richness of your indoor garden, do give Ficus a try.

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9. Bamboo


If you have ever wondered which plant grows the fastest, you have found it – it is bamboo.

Let me just say that there are some bamboo species that can grow up to 36 in (around 90 cm) in less than one day!

Now, even though your indoor bamboo will not grow at this speed rate, it is still the fastest growing plant!

Besides, bamboos can grow without soil.

Basically, all bamboo needs is a lot of water and it will grow like crazy.

Also, the bamboo plant is considered to bring luck and trying out this theory really can’t hurt!

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10. Maidenhair Fern (and Ferns in general)

Fast Growing Fern

Ferns are one more type of gorgeous, lush green plants that grow like crazy!

The fastest-growing fern among them all is the Water Sprite or Indian Water fern and it is a pretty common aquarium plant.

However, we are talking about making our apartments richer here, so I would suggest Maidenhair Fern.

This beautiful delicate-looking plant is named like that for its lush and rich foliage.

Just look at it!

However, it is not that gentle and it can grow almost anywhere.

Light, no light, shade? You name it!

Besides, it grows very fast and it looks best when hanged, so it will really give your apartment the look of a jungle.

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11. Philodendron


Philodendron is one more fast-growing tree that is native to tropical climate and habitats.

As every tropical plant, it is very famous for its fast growth and lush foliage, so if this is what you are looking for – go ahead!

Also, philodendron is a plant that is really not that hard to look after.

Just keep it moist at all times, and it will be more than happy.

Also, it doesn’t like a lot of direct sunlight, so if you live in a shady apartment, this is the one.

It doesn’t hurt to tell it how pretty it is from time to time, it will really make it happy. 🙂

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12. Geraniums


Geraniums are flowering ornamental plants and they can really bring life to your indoor garden with all those beautiful colors.

They can be found all around the world, but mostly in the mild regions and around the Mediterranean region.

However, it is not that hard to give it all it wants and make it grow nicely and fast in your own apartment.

Remember that Geraniums do not like to sit in soggy soil, so if you want them to grow fast and healthy, be sure to drain the soil well.

And in return, these colorful plants will brighten up your indoor piece of heaven.

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13. Arrowhead vine

Arrowhead vine

Arrowhead vine is one of the most beautiful and one of my favorite plants.

If you give it the right conditions, this plant will grow as fast as a bolt.

All it really needs is the moist surrounding and a bit of indirect sunlight.

Arrowhead vine is a tropical plant and as I already said, these tropical are fast growth plants.

This one is no exception.

It is commonly found in the tropical regions of Latin America in nature, but it is very easy to grow it in your apartment too.

Just like ferns, arrowhead vine looks great when hanging, but it is also a very popular climber, so you can choose how to style it to the rest of your urban jungle easily.

With its beautiful colorful and interestingly shaped leaves, arrowhead vine will make your apartment rich and green in no time.

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14. English Ivy

English Ivy

One more vine on my list!

I just love the atmosphere vines can make.


They are so gentle, but they are rapid growers and they can just turn your apartment into a real green kingdom practically overnight.

English ivy is no different and this plant will steal your heart away.

Just know not to keep them in soggy soil or sitting in a lot of water.

Do give them sunlight and keep the air around them moist, but just don’t try to drain them to make them grow faster.

Besides, even if you don’t have a lot of sunlight in your apartment, English ivy will forgive you and grow fast anyway.

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15. Hoya


Here is another gorgeous tropical plant, but this time, it is native to Asian counties like India, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Hoya is a plant that is often found sitting on shelves and tables, but not many know that Hoya can be a hanging plant too once it grows long.

And it will grow long, and it will grow fast if you take good care of it!

Hoya is a plant that likes a lot of sunlight.

So if you want it to grow fast, be sure to find it a nice bright spot.

As you know, plants don’t really like to be moved around, so you can just turn the pot every couple of weeks (or even months) to make sure that all of it is getting enough sunlight.

Also, Hoyas don’t like too much water, so you can safely water it once a week and be sure that it will be just enough.

As for the humidity, just mist the air a few times per week and all is good.

You see, Hoyas don’t ask for much to be fast-growing plants.

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16. Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut is another ornamental indoor tree that would look great in your indoor garden.

It is native to Central and South America and it grows in swamps in moist surrounding in nature.

Once again, here we have a tropical beauty of fast growth speed.

If you would like to grow Guiana Chestnut in your apartment, be sure to give it a nice, warm, sunny spot, and a moist surrounding with well-drained soil.

Of course, it will not grow as large as it grows in nature (this is a tree of up to 23 feet, after all), but it will grow fast and you will enjoy its bright green color in no time.

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17. Hibiscus

Hibiscus fast growing

Here is another flowering plant that is not only attractive-looking and fast-growing but also perfectly healthy. Especially for your blood pressure.

Hibiscus is native to warm tropical areas, so it is also known for fast growth.

I can promise you, once you lay your eyes on those sunset colors, you will be in love!

In natural conditions, hibiscus normally blooms throughout the whole year.

However, if you give it the right conditions, it might do the same in the comfort of your indoor garden.

They like warm places, so the best temperature would be somewhat between 60 and 90 degrees F (or 16 to 32 C).

If you keep it in warm places, do not forget to water it every day as they like a lot of water.

Unlike Ficus, Hibiscus doesn’t like to have a lot of room, so keep it tight in its container.

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As you can see, there are a lot of plants that need only a couple of weeks to grow. So, if you start just now with at least one plant of each type, you will end up with a green, vivid, and healthy indoor garden in just a month or 2.

What’s the plant from our list that you like the most? Do you already have some of them in your indoor garden? Do you know of more fast growing indoor plants? Share it with us in the comments below!

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